NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 7
Rookie Compensation and Rookie Compensation Pool

Section 5(e)
Additional Terms


If a Club has a Rookie Football Development Program apart from its al-lowable minicamp(s) prior to its training camp, the following categories of per player reimbursements or payments will not be counted against the Year-One Rookie Compensation Pool or the Total Rookie Compensation Pool: (1) one round trip airline ticket or its cash equivalent from the player’s place of residence to the Club city and back, not to exceed $2,500; (2) room and board or its equivalent of up to $250 per day for the 2020-2025 League Years, and $300 per day for the 2026-2030 League Years, up to a maximum of sixty days; (3) ground transportation to and from the player’s place of residence in the Club’s city to the Club’s facility; and (4) daily amounts the player receives for any workouts or classroom instruction in which the player participates pursuant to the Club’s Rookie Football Development Program or any voluntary or mandatory veteran minicamp, as provided in Article 22, Section 8(b) and Section 4 (c), respectively.