NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 7
Rookie Compensation and Rookie Compensation Pool

Section 2(j)


Any contract that violates the intent of any provision of this Article shall be disapproved. It is the intent of the parties to set an absolute maximum limit on the total amount of compensation contracted for by Drafted and Undrafted Rookies in each Draft class over the entire term of the players’ Rookie Contracts. If a contract signed by a Drafted or Undrafted Rookie is disapproved by the Commissioner as being inconsistent with the provisions of this Article in respect of (i) the mandatory term (length) of the contract; (ii) permissible compensation pursuant to (1) the Year-One Rookie Compensation Pool, (2) the Total Rookie Compensation Pool, (3) the Club’s Year-One Rookie Allocation, (4) the Club’s Total Rookie Allocation, (5) the 25% Increase Rule, (6) the player’s Year-One Minimum Allotment, (7) the Fifth Year Option, (8) the Proven Performance Escalator, or (9) the limit on the player’s permissible nonfootball compensation; or (iii) guarantees; the disapproval shall be upheld by the System Arbitrator and the Appeals Panel unless clear and convincing evidence demonstrates that the decision to disapprove the contract was incorrect.