NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 7
Rookie Compensation and Rookie Compensation Pool

Section 1(a)(iii)


For the purposes of calculating Rookie Salary in each year of a player’s Rookie Contract, signing bonus and amounts treated as signing bonus will be prorated on a straight-line basis pursuant to Section 3(g) below. By way of example, a Drafted Rookie who has a $1,000,000 Paragraph 5 Salary, $250,000 in signing bonus proration and a $250,000 incentive for 95% offensive playtime in each of the first four years of his contract would have a Rookie Salary in each League Year equal to $1,500,000, and Rookie Salary over the contract’s entire term of $6,000,000, regardless of whether he earns any or all of the above amounts or whether any or all of the above amounts are considered “likely to be earned.”