NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 7
Rookie Compensation and Rookie Compensation Pool

Section 1(a)(i)


“Rookie Salary” for a Drafted Rookie means the highest amount of earnable compensation for which such player and Club have contracted in each year of his Rookie Contract regardless of whether any or all amounts are earned or considered “likely to be earned” as set forth in Article 13, excluding only (A) the Fifth-Year Option Paragraph 5 Salary described in Section 7 below, (B) the amount by which the player’s Paragraph 5 Salary may increase pursuant to the Proven Performance Escalator as described in Section 4 below, (C) minimum offseason workout per diem as set forth in Article 21, and (D) compensation for community relations/sponsor appearances (subject to the maximum amounts permitted in Section 3(b)(iv) below).