NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 66
Duration Of Agreement

Section 2
Termination Due To Collusion


If at any time the conditions of Article 17, Section 16(a), (b), or (c) are satisfied, the NFLPA shall have the right to terminate this Agreement. To execute such termination, the NFLPA shall serve upon the NFL written notice of termination within thirty days after the System Arbitrator’s decision finding the requisite conditions becomes final. The parties agree, however, that such termination shall be stayed if any party appeals such finding to the Appeals Panel, and to seek expedited review from the Appeals Panel. (b) Any failure of the NFLPA to exercise its right to terminate this Agreement with respect to any League Year in accordance with this Article shall not be deemed a waiver of or in any way impair or prejudice any right of the NFLPA, if any, to terminate this Agreement in accordance with this Article with respect to any succeeding League Year.