NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 64
Benefits Arbitrator

Section 3

The Benefit Arbitrator will resolve any and all disagreements relating to Articles 52 through 63A of this Agreement, except to the extent provided for in ERISA plans. However, disagreements relating to eligibility for pension, disability, or other benefits under the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle Plan and disagreements relating to eligibility for disability benefits under the Disability Plan will be resolved in accordance with the procedures that have previously been adopted by the Members of the Retirement Board of the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle Plan for the resolution of such issues under that Plan, or such other procedures as may be jointly agreed upon by the parties. Also, prior to the merger of the Bert Bell Plan and the Pete Rozelle Plan, disagreements relating to eligibility for benefits under the Pete Rozelle Plan will be resolved in accordance with the procedures established under that Plan. The parties may jointly agree to enlarge or restrict the role of the Benefit Arbitrator. Either party may refer a matter to the Benefit Arbitrator by so notifying the Benefit Arbitrator and the other party. If no other provision in this Agreement governs the procedures for resolution of the dispute, the following procedures will apply. The parties will have two weeks to submit briefs or other documents to the Benefit Arbitrator. Thereafter, upon the request of either party, the Benefit Arbitrator will immediately convene an expedited hearing at the site of his or her selection. Such hearing will proceed for no more than three days, the first day of which will include whatever mediation efforts the Benefit Arbitrator deems appropriate; provided, however, that such mediation will not be binding on the parties. As soon as possible following the closing of such expedited hearing, the Benefit Arbitrator will render his or her decision, which will be final and binding on the parties. Posthearing briefs following the close of such hearing will be permitted only if requested by the Benefit Arbitrator, and any posthearing briefs so requested by the Benefit Arbitrator must be submitted within one week of the close of the hearing, with no extensions. The parties intend that posthearing briefs will be requested only in unusual situations. In no event will the Benefit Arbitrator’s decision be rendered and delivered to the parties any later than 60 days after a hearing is requested.