NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 64
Benefits Arbitrator

Section 1


The NFL and the NFLPA will submit five candidates for Benefit Arbitrator to each other within two weeks of the ratification of this Agreement. If the parties are unable to agree on a Benefit Arbitrator from among the ten candidates submitted, a flip of the coin, no later than three weeks after ratification of the Agreement, will determine which party first strikes a name from the other party’s list of candidates, and the parties will alternately strike names beginning within 24 hours of the coin flip and continuing for no more than a total of 24 hours until the parties are able to agree on the selection of the Benefit Arbitrator, or until only one candidate’s name remains, which candidate will become the Benefit Arbitrator. If for any reason this procedure does not result in the selection of the Benefit Arbitrator within one month of the ratification of this Agreement, the Notice Arbitrator provided for in Article 43, will appoint the Benefit Arbitrator of his or her choice within one week of written request by either party.


In the event of a subsequent vacancy in the position of Benefit Arbitrator, the procedure in this Section will be followed to fill the vacancy, substituting only the date of such vacancy for the date of ratification of this Agreement, and permitting the party who lost the prior coin flip to strike the first name from the other party’s list of candidates. Either party may dismiss the Benefit Arbitrator between May 1 and June 1 of each calendar year of this Agreement by written notice to the Benefit Arbitrator and the other party.