NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 63
Former Player Life Improvement Plan

Section 8
Medicare Supplement

Effective September 1, 2020, the FPLIP shall be amended to eliminate the current Medicare Supplement benefit and replace such benefit with an individual Medicare Supplement HRA account to include a monthly nominal credit of $160 (increasing to $200 effective September 1, 2026) to reimburse an eligible former player who is eligible for Medicare for monthly premiums incurred for the purchase of a Medicare Supplement or Advantage Plan. Except for the player’s first monthly premium, for which the player must first pay out-of-pocket and seek reimbursement under his individual Medicare Supplement HRA account, the cost of the player’s premium, not to exceed the greater of the premium cost or the above maximum, shall be deposited in the player’s personal bank account prior to its due date. Any excess amount above the premium, up to the maximum, shall remain in the player’s nominal Medicare Supplement HRA account and may be used to pay future premiums. Any account balance remaining upon the player’s death shall be forfeited.