NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 60
NFL Player Disability & Neurocognitive Benefit Plan

Section 5
Whole Person Evaluation

The parties agree to amend Section 3.1 of the Disability Plan to base the determination that a player is totally and permanently disabled on a “whole person” evaluation of the player with such amendment to be effective on April 1, 2024. By June 1, 2020, a three-person panel shall be established to assist the bargaining parties in developing the whole-person evaluation process. The bargaining parties shall appoint one person each to the panel, and shall jointly appoint the third person to the panel. Any dispute between the bargaining parties over the evaluation process shall be decided by a majority vote of the panel. Solely for purposes of evaluating the wholeperson evaluation process, and not for determining a player’s eligibility for T&P benefits, for the Plan Year commencing April 1, 2023, players applying for T&P benefits shall be evaluated under both the evaluation process in effect under the Disability Plan as of the effective date of this Agreement, and under the whole-person evaluation developed under this Section 5. Effective April 1, 2024, the whole-person evaluation process shall be the basis for determining whether a player is totally and permanently disabled. The bargaining parties may re-evaluate the whole-person evaluation process again before April 1, 2025.