NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 6
College Draft

Section 2
Number of Choices and Eligibility


The Draft shall consist of seven rounds, with each round consisting of the same number of selection choices as there will be Clubs in the NFL the following League Year, plus a maximum number of additional Compensatory Draft Selections equal to the number of Clubs then in the League, with such Compensatory Draft Selections reserved for Clubs losing certain Unrestricted Free Agents. If in any League Year the number of Compensatory Draft Selections awarded in the Draft for that League Year is less than the number of Clubs then in the League, an additional number of selection choices shall be awarded to Clubs based upon Draft selection order (“Supplemental Selections”), so that the combined number of Compensatory Draft Selections and Supplemental Selections equals the total number of Clubs then in the League. Each Draft shall be held between February 14 and June 2, on a date which shall be determined by the Commissioner.


No player shall be permitted to apply for special eligibility for selection in the Draft, or otherwise be eligible for the Draft, until three NFL regular seasons have begun and ended following either his graduation from high school or graduation of the class with which he entered high school, whichever is earlier. For example, if a player graduated from high school in December 2020, he would not be permitted to apply for special eligibility, and would not otherwise be eligible for selection, until the 2024 Draft.


If a player who was not eligible for the Draft in any League Year becomes eligible after the date of the Draft, he will be eligible to be selected in a Supplemental Draft, if the League elects to conduct such a Draft, on or before the seventh calendar day prior to the opening of the first training camp that League Year. No player may elect to bypass a Draft for which he is eligible to apply for selection in a Supplemental Draft. Any Club that selects a player in a Supplemental Draft must forfeit a choice in the same round in the next succeeding principal Draft.


No player shall be eligible to be employed by an NFL Club until he has been eligible for selection in an NFL Draft.