NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 53
Retirement Plan

Section 2

An annual contribution will continue to be made to the Retirement Plan on behalf of each NFL Club as actuarially determined to be necessary to fund the benefits provided in this Article, based on the actuarial assumptions and methods contained in Appendix N. No provision of this Agreement will eliminate or reduce the obligation to provide the benefits described in this Article, or eliminate or reduce the obligations of the NFL Clubs to fund retirement benefits. Contributions will be used exclusively to provide retirement benefits and to pay expenses. Contributions for a Plan Year will be made on or before the end of each Plan Year. Benefit Credits, including Legacy Credits and Special Credits, for future seasons and benefits subject to Retirement Board approval, if any, for Plan Years beginning on and after the League Year ending in 2031 will be determined pursuant to future collective bargaining agreements, if any. If Benefit Credits, Legacy Credits and Special Credits are discontinued after the League Year ending in 2031, the NFL Clubs shall continue to make annual contributions in the amount necessary to satisfy the requirements of ERISA § 302 unless and until the Clubs elect to withdraw under ERISA § 4203. It will be the duty of the Retirement Board of the Retirement Plan to pursue all available legal remedies in an effort to assure timely payment of all contributions due under this Agreement.