NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 52
Player Benefit Costs

Section 3
Resolution of Disputes

In the event the NFLPA and the NFL are unable to agree to Projected Benefits for the League Year for which the Salary Cap is being set, the parties will proceed immediately to mediation and binding arbitration on an expedited schedule so that all such differences are resolved in time for the timely issuance of the Special Purpose Letter for that League Year. Such mediation and binding arbitration will be presided over by the Benefit Arbitrator pursuant to the following procedure:


The parties will submit in writing to the Benefit Arbitrator their respective calculations of Projected Benefits for the forthcoming year.


Thereafter, the Benefit Arbitrator, upon receipt of such submissions by each party, will immediately convene an expedited hearing at the site of his or her selection. Such hearing will proceed for no more than three days, the first day of which will include whatever mediation efforts the Benefit Arbitrator deems appropriate; provided, however, that such mediation will not be binding on the parties.


As soon as possible following the closing of such expedited hearing, the Benefit Arbitrator will render his or her decision, which will be final and binding on the parties. Post-hearing briefs following the close of such hearing will be permitted only if requested by the Benefit Arbitrator, and any post-hearing brief so requested must be submitted within one (1) week, with no extension. The parties intend that post-hearing briefs will be requested only in unusual circumstances. In no event will the Benefit Arbitrator’s decision be rendered and delivered to the parties any later than five (5) days prior to the scheduled issuance of the Special Purpose Letter.