NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 51

Section 8
NFLPA Tickets

Two (2) complimentary tickets will be made available to the NFLPA to permit attendance at each regularly scheduled League game by authorized NFLPA representatives. All Clubs will make their best efforts to make available four (4) additional tickets to the NFLPA for purchase. The NFLPA will provide a list of authorized representatives who may purchase tickets to the NFL. The NFLPA must notify the home Club of its desire to attend such a game at least five days prior to the date of the game. Such representatives must possess appropriate identification. Notwithstanding the foregoing, at least three hundred fifty tickets to the Super Bowl will be made available by the NFL for purchase by the NFLPA in any League Year in which the Super Bowl is held in a stadium with a seating capacity equal to or greater than 73,200. Should the Super Bowl be held in a stadium that has fewer than 73,200 seats, the NFL’s obligation to make Super Bowl tickets available for purchase to the NFLPA will be reduced proportionately by the percentage difference between such seating capacities.