NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 48
NFLPA Agent Certification

Section 1
Exclusive Representation

The NFL and the Clubs recognize that, pursuant to federal labor law, the NFLPA will regulate the conduct of agents who represent players in individual contract negotiations with Clubs. On or after the date on which the NFLPA notifies the NFL that an agent regulation system is in effect and provides the NFL with a list of the NFLPA-certified agents, Clubs are prohibited from engaging in individual contract negotiations with any agent who is not listed by the NFLPA as being duly certified by the NFLPA in accordance with its role as exclusive bargaining agent for NFL players. The NFLPA shall provide and publish a list of agents who are currently certified in accordance with its agent regulation system, and shall notify the NFL and the Clubs of any deletions or additions to the list pursuant to its procedures. The NFLPA shall submit an updated list to the NFL monthly. The NFLPA agrees that it shall not delete any agent from its list until that agent has exhausted the opportunity to appeal the deletion pursuant to the NFLPA’s agent regulation system, except; (i) where an agent has failed to pass a written examination given to agents by the NFLPA; (ii) in extraordinary circumstances where the NFLPA’s investigation discloses that the agent’s conduct is of such a serious nature as to justify immediately invalidating the agent’s certification; (iii) where the agent has failed to pay his or her annual fee; (iv) where the agent has failed to attend an annual seminar required by the NFLPA; (v) where the agent’s certification has expired due to the agent’s inactivity in individual contract negotiations; (vi) where the agent has made improper contact with a college football player in violation of any applicable NFLPA rules governing contact with players related to NCAA or NFL Draft eligibility; and (vii) where the agent has failed to sign the end of year certification required by Article 18, Section 2(b) of this Agreement. The NFLPA shall have sole and exclusive authority to determine the number of agents to be certified, and the grounds for withdrawing or denying certification of an agent. The NFLPA agrees that it will not discipline, dismiss or decertify agents based upon the results they achieve or do not achieve in negotiating terms or conditions of employment with NFL Clubs. This Section shall not limit the NFLPA’s ability to discipline agents for malfeasance or for violation of state or federal law.