NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 47
Union Security

Section 8


Scouting Combines. During the annual Timing and Testing Sessions of the Scouting Combines, the NFL will use best efforts to ensure that the NFLPA will be permitted to present one-hour orientations for all of the college players attending the session. The orientation will include only information on the Career Planning Program, the Chemical Dependency Program, the NFLPA Agent Certification System, and other information contained in this Agreement and will encourage the players to participate fully in all activities of the Scouting Combine. The NFLPA will also have the right to reasonable space in the public area of the players’ hotel, staffed by NFLPA employees, to provide information requested by players during their free time at the Combine.


Veteran/Rookie Orientation Programs. The NFLPA shall also be permitted to be present at all jointly-sponsored mandatory non-football related Veteran/Rookie Orientation Programs (e.g., financial education, health and safety) and will be given the opportunity to participate as a presenter.