NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 45
Injury Protection

Section 11
Workers’ Compensation Offset

If a player elects to receive benefits under this Article, it is agreed that for the term of this Agreement fifty percent (50%) of all Injury Protection and Extended Injury Protection benefits are of the same character as, and are the functional equivalent of, a workers’ compensation indemnity benefit, and the Club paying this benefit and/or its insurer shall be entitled to a dollar-for-dollar offset in an amount equal to fifty percent (50%) of the Injury Protection payments, including Injury Protection and Extended Injury Protection grievance settlements and awards, against any state workers’ compensation indemnity award to which the player is or may become entitled to, including, but not limited to, temporary disability, wage loss, impaired earning capacity and permanent disability benefits, provided that there shall be no offset against a workers’ compensation award of any medical coverage. For example, and without limitation, if a player qualifies to receive $200,000 in Injury Protection benefits pursuant to Section 3 and $150,000 in Extended Injury Protection benefits pursuant to Section 8, it is agreed that $100,000 of the Section 3 amount and $75,000 of the Section 8 amount (or $175,000 cumulatively) when paid, shall be the offset under this Section as described in the first sentence of this Section. This offset applies with regard to workers’ compensation claims arising out of any injury with the Club whether such injury is acute or cumulative in nature provided that the injury that is the subject of the player’s Injury Protection payment (and, if applicable, his Extended Injury Protection payment) is the principal basis for the player’s workers’ compensation award. The parties further agree that if, despite the terms of this Section and the parties’ clear intent to treat fifty-percent (50%) of Injury Protection and Extended Injury Protection benefits as a payment of workers’ compensation, a state court or other competent authority nevertheless renders a decision or other determination resulting in an outcome inconsistent with the full coordination of Injury Protection, Extended Injury Protection, and workers’ compensation benefits pursuant to this Section 11, then the Non-Injury Grievance Arbitrator shall have authority to immediately remedy any over-payment that results from said decision.