NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 45
Injury Protection

Section 10
Extended Injury Protection Disputes


Any dispute under this Article will be processed under Article 43. In any grievance in which the NFLPA or a player is claiming an Extended Injury Protection benefit, the NFLPA or the player may contend that the player should not have passed the physical examination referenced in Subsection 7(c). In any such grievance, the NFLPA or the player may introduce evidence from a physician selected by and paid for by the player regarding the player’s physical condition at the time of the physical exam, provided that such physician conducted his examination of the player within fourteen days of the examination. Any such evidence will be considered with the evidence from the Club physician, and the arbitrator shall give no special deference to the evidence presented by either physician. If the NFLPA prevails in such a grievance, then the requirements of Section 7(c) above shall be deemed to have been satisfied.


Beginning in the 2022 League Year (for a 2020 injury), in any Non-Injury Grievance pursuant to Article 43 of this Agreement concerning a player’s claim for the Extended Injury Protection Benefit, the Club and the Management Council may assert as an affirmative defense that the player failed to make a full and complete disclosure of his physical or mental condition in connection with a physical examination if the Club can demonstrate that (1) the player affirmatively misrepresented or omitted from his medical history when questioned (either orally or in writing) in connection with a physical examination that he: (A) had a surgical procedure for an injury, or (B) missed game(s) due to injury; (2) the player subsequently suffered a new injury related to the prior injury (i.e., same body part); and (3) the new injury was materially and directly related to the injury giving rise to the player’s entitlement to the Injury Protection Benefit For the avoidance of doubt, this provision shall only apply to a player’s claim for Extended Injury Protection pursuant to this Article. No party may argue that this provision applies to or defines the special defense set forth in Article 44, Section 3(a)(2) of this Agreement.