NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 44
Injury Grievance

Section 11


If an award is made by the arbitrator, payment will be made within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the award to the player or jointly to the player and the NFLPA, provided the player has given written authorization for such joint payment. The time limit for payment may be extended by mutual consent of the parties or by a finding of good cause for the extension by the arbitrator. Where payment is unduly delayed beyond thirty (30) days, double Interest will be assessed against the Club from the date of the decision. The arbitrator shall retain jurisdiction of the case for the purpose of awarding post-hearing interest pursuant to this Section.


Any player who does not qualify for group health insurance coverage in a given Plan Year under the NFL Player Insurance Plan as a result of being terminated while physically unable to perform and who receives payment for at least one (1) regular or postseason game via an injury grievance award or injury settlement for that Plan Year shall receive a payment in an amount determined by multiplying the number of months in that Plan Year for which he would have been eligible for coverage had he qualified for group health insurance coverage in that Plan Year by the premium the Player Insurance Plan charged for COBRA coverage during that period.