NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 43
Non-Injury Grievance

Section 14
Standard Grievance Correspondence


Standard Grievance Correspondence is defined as and includes the following documents: Injury and Non-Injury Grievance filings; answers; appeals; arbitration selection letters; hearing setup letters; discovery letters and documents; correspondence regarding neutral physician examination(s), including requests by the neutral physician for tests, films or other documents; hearing, deposition, or other general scheduling letters; withdrawal letters; pre- and post-hearing briefs; and settlement and release agreements.


Standard Grievance Correspondence may be sent via .pdf e-mail; all parties shall use their best efforts to send Standard Grievance Correspondence via e-mail.


The NFL and NFLPA will provide each other with a list of designated email addresses for the receipt of Standard Grievance Correspondence. The subject line of any Standard Grievance Correspondence sent via e-mail shall include the full name of the player(s), the name of the Club(s) involved and the date of filing.


The parties shall agree to additional procedures to govern the electronic transmission of Standard Grievance Correspondence, as may be warranted.