NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 4
NFL Player Contract

Section 5
Notices, Prohibitions, etc.


Any agreement between any player and any Club concerning terms and conditions of employment shall be set forth in writing in a Player Contract as soon as practicable. Each Club shall provide to the NFL a copy of each such Player Contract within two days of the execution of such contract by the player and the Club. The NFL shall provide to the NFLPA a copy of each executed Player Contract it receives from a Club within two business days of its receipt of such Player Contract. It is anticipated that each Club will send a copy of each such Player Contract to the NFL by first class mail the day it is so executed and an electronic scanned version of the fully executed Electronic Contract shall be emailed to the NFL Waivers account and to the player agent no later than two days after execution of the Contract. The NFL will forward the scanned copy of the fully executed Contract to the NFLPA by electronic mail. The NFL shall provide to the NFLPA any salary information received from a Club which is relevant to whether such Player Contract complies with Article 7 and/or Article 13, within two business days following the NFL’s receipt of such information. Promptly upon but no later than two business days after the signing of any Veteran with less than three Accrued Seasons to a Player Contract, the signing Club shall notify the NFL, which shall notify the NFLPA of such signing.


Any agreement between any player or Player Affiliate and any Club or Club Affiliate providing for the player to be compensated by the Club or Club Affiliate for nonfootball-related services shall be set forth in writing as a separate addendum to the player’s Player Contract, which addendum shall state the amount of or otherwise describe such consideration. If such an agreement is executed subsequent to the execution of the player’s NFL Player Contract, it must be submitted to the NFL as an addendum to that Player Contract within two days of the execution or making of the agreement. The NFL shall provide a copy of such addendum to the NFLPA within two business days of receipt.


No Club shall pay or be obligated to pay any money or anything else of value to any player or Player Affiliate (not including retired players) other than pursuant to the terms of a signed NFL Player Contract (or any addendum thereto for nonfootball- related services as described in Subsection 5(b) above). Nothing contained in the immediately preceding sentence shall interfere with a Club’s obligation to pay a player deferred compensation earned under a prior Player Contract.


In addition to any rights a Club may presently have under the NFL Player Contract, any Player Contract may be terminated if, in the Club’s opinion, the player being terminated is anticipated to make less of a contribution to the Club’s ability to compete on the playing field than another player or players whom the Club intends to sign or attempt to sign, or another player or players who is or are already on the roster of such Club, and for whom the Club needs Room. This Subsection shall not affect any Club or Club Affiliate’s obligation to pay a player any guaranteed consideration.


No Player Contract may contain any individually-negotiated term transferring any player intellectual property rights to any Club or Club Affiliate or any Club sponsor.


No Club or player may agree upon any Player Contract provision concerning the termination of the contract that is inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement (including but not limited to the NFL Player Contract, Appendix A hereto), or the provisions of the NFL Constitution and Bylaws as set forth in the attachments to the letter dated March 4, 2020.