NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 39
Players’ Rights To Medical Care and Treatment

Section 7
Player’s Right to a Surgeon of His Choice

A player will have the right to choose the surgeon who will perform surgery provided that; (a) the player will consult unless impossible (e.g., emergency surgery) with the Club physician as to his recommendation regarding the need for, the timing of and the doctor who should perform the surgery; (b) the player will give due consideration to the Club physician’s recommendations; and (c) the surgeon selected by the player shall be board-certified in his field of medical expertise. Any such surgery will be at Club expense; provided, however, that the Club, the Club physician, trainers and any other representative of the Club will not be responsible for or incur any liability (other than the cost of the surgery) for or relating to the adequacy or competency of such surgery or other related medical services rendered in connection with such surgery.