NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 39
Players’ Rights To Medical Care and Treatment

Section 3
NFLPA Medical Director

The NFL recognizes that the NFLPA Medical Director has a critical role in advising the NFLPA on health and safety issues. Accordingly, the NFL agrees that the NFLPA Medical Director shall be a voting member of all NFL health and safety committees, including the following; (1) Accountability and Care Committee; (2) NFL Health and Safety Executive Committee; (3) General Medical Committee; (4) Musculoskeletal Committee; (5) Head, Neck and Spine Committee; (6) Pain Management Committee (as set forth below); (7) Comprehensive Mental Health and Wellness Committee (as set forth below); (8) Field Surface Safety & Performance Committee (as set forth below); and (9) Engineering and Equipment Safety Committee (as set forth below), and their related subcommittees. The preceding sentence shall not limit or restrict the NFL Chief Medical Officer’s ability to consult with and/or seek counsel from experts regarding medical, scientific and/or other health and safety-related subjects without the involvement of the NFLPA Medical Director. The NFLPA Medical Director shall have access to all of the same data, records and other information provided to the NFL and/or any other members of NFL health and safety committees, including to the Injury Surveillance System’s data. The NFLPA shall have access to the Injury Surveillance System’s data. If the NFLPA or the NFLPA Medical Director requests, on behalf of the NFLPA, that any data analysis be conducted, the cost of that analysis shall be borne by the NFLPA. The Parties agree that data for use in medical research shall be disseminated in accordance with the agreed-upon Medical Research Protocol, as set forth in this Article and in Appendix X of this Agreement.