NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 36
Moving and Travel Expenses

Section 3
Travel Expenses

Any veteran player who is traded or claimed at any time during a League Year, or any rookie player who is traded or claimed after the start of the regular season and subsequently makes the Active List of the Club to which he is traded or by which he is claimed, will receive, upon presentation of vouchers; (a) first class round trip air fare for his spouse or the equivalent in cash if his spouse makes the trip by another mode of transportation; (b) a sum not to exceed two months’ rent or mortgage payments for living quarters in the home city from which the player is traded or by which he is waived, provided, however, that such payment shall be made only if and to the extent that the player is legally obligated to make such rent or mortgage payments and the total of such payments shall not exceed $7,550 for the 2020 League Year, $8,250 for the 2021–25 League Years and $9,000 for the 2026–30 League Years; and (c) the room cost of seven days’ stay at a hotel of the Club’s choice in the new team city for the player.