NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 36
Moving and Travel Expenses

Section 2
Moving Expenses

As a condition of the responsibility of the Club for the costs of moving expenses for a player who qualifies for reimbursement pursuant to Section 1 above, the player must (a) consult with the appropriate Club official in advance concerning his move; and (b) allow the Club to designate the moving company that will accomplish the move. In the event that the player demonstrates reasonable dissatisfaction with the moving company designated by the Club, the player may, at his option, proffer two additional estimates from established moving companies, from which the Club will select a substitute for the moving company initially designated. (In no event shall the Club be liable for any property damage or loss resulting from use of another moving company. This shall not be construed to mean that the Club is responsible for any property damage or loss resulting from using the Club’s moving company.) Thereafter, such player will receive reimbursement of his actual, ordinary and reasonable moving expenses, including travel expenses for player and his immediate family.