NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 3
No Strike/Lockout/Suit

Section 2
No Suit

The NFLPA agrees that neither it nor any of its members, nor agents acting on its behalf, nor any member of its bargaining unit, will sue, or support financially or administratively, or voluntarily provide testimony or affidavit in, any suit against the NFL or any Club with respect to any claim relating to any conduct permitted by this Agreement, or any term of this Agreement, including, without limitation, the Articles concerning the College Draft, the Compensatory Draft, the Option Clause, the Rookie Compensation System, Veterans With Fewer Than Three Accrued Seasons, Veteran Free Agency, Franchise and Transition Players, Guaranteed League-wide Cash Spending, the Salary Cap, Minimum Team Cash Spending, and the Waiver System, and provisions applicable to the trading of players; provided, however, that nothing contained in this Section 2 will prevent the NFLPA or any player from asserting that any Club, acting individually or in concert with other Clubs, or the NFL, has breached the terms of this Agreement, the NFL Player Contract, or the NFL Constitution and Bylaws, and from processing such asserted breach as a non-injury grievance under Article 43 or asserting any claim before the System Arbitrator or the Impartial Arbitrator as provided in this Agreement. In addition, neither the NFLPA nor any of its members, agents acting on its behalf, nor any members of its bargaining unit will sue, or support financially or administratively any suit against, the NFL or any Club relating to the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws of the NFL which are appended to the side letter dated March ___, 2020, as they were operative and administered at the beginning date of the 2020 League Year; provided, however, that nothing herein shall prevent the NFLPA, its members, agents or bargaining unit members from asserting any rights they may have under the federal labor laws or under this Agreement.