NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 24
Regular Season and Postseason Practices

Section 1
Practice Rules


During the regular season, padded practices for all players shall be limited to a total of fourteen, eleven of which must be held during the first eleven weeks of the regular season, and three of which must be held during the remaining six weeks of the regular season. The Club may choose the days of the week on which such practices shall be held. Subject to the foregoing rules, each Club may hold two padded practices during the same week during one week of the regular season, provided that such week falls within the first eleven weeks of the regular season.


Clubs participating in the postseason may hold one padded practice per week, on a day of the Club’s choosing, commencing with the week following the Club’s last regular season game.


For purposes of this Article and Article 23, a “padded practice” shall be defined as a practice in which players are required to wear helmets and shoulder pads, in addition to any other equipment required by the Club, subject to the exceptions set forth in Article 23, Section 7(e).


On days when padded practices are permitted under Subsection (a) above, on-field Team activity for all players shall be limited to a maximum of three hours per day, including “first period” (i.e., stretching and calisthenics), provided that (i) players may participate in on-field activities with their position coaches for a period not to exceed thirty minutes, prior to the three-hour maximum on-field period; and (ii) any walk-through of reasonable and customary duration (for purposes of this Subsection, such walk-through to be no helmets and acceptable walkthrough pace (i.e., Pro Bowl practice pace), as demonstrated in a video jointly approved by the parties) that is conducted prior to or after the three-hour maximum on-field period shall not count against that limit. The three-hour time limit described above shall begin as soon as position coaches begin to coach a player or players on the field, subject to provisos (i)–(ii) in this Subsection. On days when no padded practice is scheduled, on-field activities shall be subject to the rules set forth in this Subsection 1(d).


Prohibited Drills. The following drills are prohibited during preseason, regular season, and postseason “padded” practices: (i) bull in the ring and king of the circle drills; (ii) Oklahoma drill; (iii) offensive line vs. defensive line in-line run blocking and board drills; and (iv) half-line, pods, and 3-spot drills, each as defined in Article 23, Section 7(f) of this Agreement.