NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 23
Preseason Training Camps

Section 12


Any alleged violation of Sections 5, 6 or 7 of this Article shall be governed by the same procedures, and shall be subject to the same fines and fine procedures, as set forth in Article 21, Section 8, except that the “Other Penalties” set forth in Article 21, Section 8(d)(ii) shall not apply to any violation of this Article.


In the event the NFLPA or any player files a complaint with the NFL alleging a Club’s violation of Section 7 of this Article, pertaining to “padded practices” or “walk-throughs,” (i) within forty-eight hours of the filing of the complaint, the NFLPA shall be provided with a copy of all film of any practice that is the subject of the complaint; (ii) within seventy-two hours, the Executive Director of the NFLPA and the NFL Executive Vice President Labor & League Counsel (or their designees) shall attempt to determine if a violation of such Section has occurred; (iii) if the parties are unable to agree, the matter will be immediately referred to the Impartial Arbitrator who will render a decision within twenty-four hours; (iv) if the parties agree, or if the Impartial Arbitrator determines, that a violation has occurred, the Club’s next scheduled preseason or regular season padded practice shall be cancelled, whether or not the Commissioner imposes a fine under Subsection 12(a) of this Article.