NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 21
Offseason Workouts

Section 9
Offseason Participation Contract


A player subject to a Required Tender by a Club, but who has not signed a Player Contract, or an Unrestricted Free Agent whose Player Contract with that Club has expired, may enter into an Offseason Workout Program and Minicamp Participation Agreement in order to participate in the offseason workout program and Minicamp(s) of that Club in the form set forth in Appendix Q to this Agreement. The standard Participation Agreement is set forth in Appendix Q to the CBA. A copy of all Participation Agreements shall be submitted to the NFL, which shall provide a copy to the NFLPA. This Section shall not apply to a Rookie subject to the Required Tender specified in Article 6, Section 3. The parties shall discuss and agree to the appropriate form of a participation agreement for such players.