NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 21
Offseason Workouts

Section 3


Each player shall receive at least the following amounts per day for any workouts or classroom instruction in which he participates pursuant to a Club’s voluntary offseason workout program, provided the player fulfills the Club’s reasonable offseason workout requirements: $235 (2020 League Year), $275 (2021 League Year), $295 (2022– 23 League Years), $315 (2024–25 League Years), $340 (2026–27 League Years), $365 (2028–29 League Years), and $390 (2030 League Year), respectively. Players are required to complete three out of four scheduled workouts, including any scheduled OTAs, per week in order to be paid for any workout the player completes in that week, except that if there are fewer than four (4) scheduled workouts in a week the player will be paid for each workout in which he participates. A player can only be paid for offseason workouts pursuant to the terms of an executed offseason workout addendum, which shall be part of the player’s NFL Player Contract and in the form set forth in Appendix P to this Agreement. A player under contract participating in a Club’s offseason workout program shall be deemed to be participating under the applicable agreement set forth in Appendix P to the CBA. A player subject to a Required Tender by a Club, but who has not signed a Player Contract, or an Unrestricted Free Agent whose Player Contract with that Club has expired may be invited to participate in that Club’s offseason workout program, but must sign an Offseason Workout and Minicamp Participation Agreement prior to his participation in such activities. Players who are under contract or subject to a Required Tender to an NFL Club and who participate in a Club’s offseason workout program may also receive expenses for travel, board, and lodging subject to the terms and conditions set forth in Article 13, Section 6(e)(iv)(3).


In the event a Club elects to conduct an offseason workout program pursuant to Article 21 of this Agreement, any contract term in the NFL Player Contract of a player who, prior to the start of such program, has four or more Accrued Seasons, as defined in Article 8, Section 1, and which term is contingent, in whole or in part, upon the player’s participation in the offseason workout program (e.g., without limitation, an offseason workout bonus or other contract provision) shall be subject to individual negotiation between the player and the Club; provided, however, that any such agreement may not require the player’s participation in more than 84.375% of the scheduled workouts (e.g., 27 of the 32 total offseason workouts, eight weeks times four days per week) permitted in Article 21, Sections 2(b)(i)-(iii). Any such agreement must be included in the player’s contract prior to the commencement of the Club’s offseason workout program.