NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 19
Consultation And Information Sharing

  • Section 1. Salary Summaries

    During the period between the first day of the League Year and the first day of the regular season of that League Year, the NFL shall provide the NFLPA with Salary and Team Salary summaries for each Team on a weekly basis. Upon the first date of the regular season and during the remainder of the League Year, such information shall be provided as often as it is prepared for use by the NFL (but no less often than once each week).

  • Section 2. Consultation and Communications

    At either party’s request, the parties shall meet in good faith to reconcile any differences with regard to the Salary Cap treatment of any Player Contract, or of the amount of any Required Tender, Franchise Player Tender, Transition Player Tender, or Rookie Fifth-Year Option.

  • Section 3. Notice of Invalid Contract

    If the NFL informs a Club that a proposed player transaction would be inconsistent with or in violation of the terms of this Agreement as interpreted by the NFL, the NFL shall promptly notify the NFLPA that such an interpretation has been communicated and the basis for such interpretation. The NFL shall provide such notice as soon as possible, but in no event later than five (5) business days following the communication of such interpretation to the Club.

  • Section 4. Copies

    Within two (2) business days of their receipt by the NFL, the NFL shall provide to the NFLPA, at no expense, a copy (by .pdf, if the Player Contract or Offer Sheet is provided by .pdf to the NFL) of any and all Player Contracts and Offer Sheets that are entered into or extended during the term of this Agreement.