NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 15
System Arbitrator

Section 2
Scope of Authority


The System Arbitrator shall make findings of fact and determinations of relief including, without limitation, damages (including damages referred to in Article 17, Section 9), injunctive relief, fines, and specific performance.


The Appeals Panel shall accept the System Arbitrator’s findings of fact unless clearly erroneous and the System Arbitrator’s recommendations of relief unless based upon clearly erroneous findings of fact, incorrect application of the law, or abuse of discretion, except that, as to any finding concerning Article 17, any imposition of a fine of $1 million or more, or any finding that would permit termination of this Agreement, review shall be de novo.


Subject to Subsections (a) and (b) above, the Appeals Panel shall determine all points of law and finally make the award of all relief including, without limitation, contract damages, injunctive relief, fines, and specific performance.


Except for any matters for which the Appeals Panel has de novo review of the System Arbitrator’s determinations, rulings of the System Arbitrator shall upon their issuance be binding upon and followed by the parties unless stayed, reversed, or modified by the Appeals Panel. In entertaining a request for a stay of a ruling of the System Arbitrator, the Appeals Panel shall apply the standard that the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit would apply to a request for a stay of a ruling of a district court within that Circuit. If and when a decision of the System Arbitrator is reversed or modified, the effect of such reversal or modification shall be deemed by the parties to be retroactive to the time of issuance of the ruling of the System Arbitrator.


The System Arbitrator’s and Appeals Panel’s authority shall be limited to the terms of Articles 1, 4, 6–19, 26–28, 31, or 65-67 of this Agreement (except as provided in those Articles with respect to disputes determined by the Impartial Arbitrator, the Accountants, or another arbitrator).


Statute of Limitations. Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, a three year statute of limitations shall apply to the initiation of proceedings before the System Arbitrator, which statute begins to apply on the date upon which the facts giving rise to the proceeding are known or reasonably should have been known to the party bringing the proceeding.