NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 14
Enforcement of the Salary Cap and Rookie Compensation Pool

Section 7
Revenue Circumvention

In the event that a Club or anyone acting on its behalf fails to materially report or materially misreports AR or non-AR in a manner designed to serve the purpose of defeating or circumventing the intention of the parties as reflected by the provisions of this Agreement with respect to such revenues, the NFLPA and/or the NFL shall have the right to initiate a proceeding before the System Arbitrator to determine whether such conduct is in violation of this Section 7 of this Article. In the event that the System Arbitrator finds a violation of this Section 7, the System Arbitrator may impose a fine upon the Club of up to $5,000,000, payable to the NFL for donation to charitable funds as agreed to by the parties. For each League Year after the 2020 League Year, the maximum fine set forth in this Section shall be adjusted by the same percentage as the change in Projected AR for that League Year as compared to the Projected AR for the prior League Year (up to a maximum of ten percent (10%) per League Year).