NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 14
Enforcement of the Salary Cap and Rookie Compensation Pool

Section 5
System Arbitrator Review

In the event that the Commissioner disapproves a Player Contract pursuant to Section 4 above, the NFLPA, any affected Club, and any affected player shall have the right within thirty (30) days of such person’s notice of such disapproval to initiate a proceeding before the System Arbitrator to determine whether such contract is in violation of this Agreement. The System Arbitrator shall review the dispute de novo, and shall have the authority to approve such Player Contracts in lieu of the Commissioner’s approval, or confirm the Commissioner’s disapproval. In the event the Commissioner’s disapproval is upheld, the player and the Club shall have ten (10) days to attempt to renegotiate such Player Contract notwithstanding any other time period set forth in this Agreement. The System Arbitrator does not have the authority to impose any revisions to such Player Contract on the player or the Club.