NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 13
Salary Cap Accounting Rules

Section 8
Renegotiations and Extensions


Provided that all Salary Cap requirements are met, Player Contracts for current and future years may be renegotiated and/or extended except as follows:


The contract of a Veteran Player may not be renegotiated to increase the Salary to be paid to the player during the original terms of the contract for a period of twelve months after the player’s most recent contract renegotiation. The first renegotiation of a Veteran Player Contract, however, may take place at any time.


No Team and player may agree to renegotiate any term of a previously signed Player Contract for a prior League Year.


No contract renegotiations may be done for a current season after the last regular season game of that season


A Player Contract signed by a Rookie may not be renegotiated except as provided in Article 7.


No Player Contract, and no contract renegotiation or extension, may be agreed to between a Player and a Club for any term that expires prior to the last day of a League Year. All rights by a player to terminate a Player Contract must be exercised prior to the first day of any League Year to be terminated.


Any agreement to compensate a player at the minimum amount set forth in Article 21 for participation in an offseason workout program or classroom instruction shall not be treated as a renegotiation of a Player Contract. Any agreement to compensate a player for such participation above such amount shall be treated as a renegotiation. All such agreements shall be set forth in writing and promptly filed with the League Office.


Any salary deferral agreed to by club and player which does not affect the player’s Salary for purpose of the Salary Cap and Rookie Compensation Pool shall not be treated as a renegotiation.


An amendment to a Player Contract that changes the terms under which signing bonus is paid is a renegotiation.