NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 13
Salary Cap Accounting Rules

Section 6(e)(iv)(7)
Valuation of Player Contracts

Notwithstanding any provision in a Player Contract to the contrary or when such payments are actually made, the following rules shall apply in determining the amount of a player’s Salary that is to be included in Team Salary in a particular League Year for purposes of the Salary Cap:


Without limiting Subsection (4) above or any other provision of this Agreement, each Club participating in the Super Bowl may elect to provide its players with a gift or gifts, the value of which shall not, in the aggregate, exceed a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (less an imputed discount of 10%) of $1,350 in the 2020 League Year, increasing $50 per League Year thereafter. The total amount of such gifts provided to players shall be charged to the Club’s Team Salary for that League Year (or, if the Club does not have adequate Room to absorb the full charge, then the difference shall be carried over and charged to the Club’s Team Salary for the following League Year). The Club shall provide the Management Council and the NFLPA with a description of the gifts provided, proof of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, and a list of the players receiving the gift. The terms of this Subsection shall not affect in any way the status or any treatment of Super Bowl rings provided to players, and this Subsection may not be referred to in any dispute regarding such rings.