NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 13
Salary Cap Accounting Rules

Section 6(b)(i)(4)
Valuation of Player Contracts

Notwithstanding any provision in a Player Contract to the contrary or when such payments are actually made, the following rules shall apply in determining the amount of a player’s Salary that is to be included in Team Salary in a particular League Year for purposes of the Salary Cap:


Any signing bonus given in connection with a contract extension entered into before the expiration of the player’s existing contract will be prorated over the remaining years of the unexpired contract together with its extension. The player shall receive such a signing bonus at the time that the extension is executed, unless the player expressly agrees in the contract to defer payment of the extension bonus, in which case only the present value of the deferred payment, calculated using the Discount Rate, shall be prorated (unless the extension is executed within one year of the execution of the contract being extended, in which case the gross amount of the extension bonus shall be prorated).