NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Appendix U
2020 Schedule of On-Field Fines

ViolationFirst OffenseSecond Offense
Offense Against Game Official
Physical Contact with Official * $35,096$70,194
Verbal or other Non-Physical Offense Against Official * $28,075$56,156
Player Safety Rules and/or Flagrant Personal Foul (including, without limitation):
Striking/Kicking/Kneeing $10,500$15,500
Horse Collar Tackle * $15,000$20,000
Face Mask $10,000$15,000
Leg Whip $15,000$20,000
Late Hit $10,000$15,000
Use of the Helmet/ Spearing/ Launching * $20,000$40,000
Hit on Defenseless Player * $15,000$20,000
Blindside Block * $15,000$20,000
Roughing the Passer * $15,000$20,000
Low Block $10,500$15,500
Chop Block $10,500$15,500
Fighting * $35,096$70,194
Leaving Bench Area During a Fight $10,500$15,500
Unsportsmanlike Conduct $12,500$17,500
Taunting $10,000$15,000
Football Into Stands $7,000$12,000
Foreign Substances on Body/Uniform $5,000$10,000
Chin Straps/Shoulder Pads/ Thigh, Knee Pads/ Over Built Facemask$5,000$10,000
Unapproved Visor Tint or Lack of Brand Marks $5,000$10,000
Personal Messages $10,000$15,000
Unauthorized Logo/ Branding or Intellectual Property $10,000$20,000
Uniform Violations (Socks, Jersey, Undergarments etc.) $5,000$15,000
Gang SigningConsidered conduct detrimental to the League; suspension or fine; severity to be determined inaccordance with provisions of the Personal Conduct Policy.accordance with provisions of the Personal Conduct Policy.

Aggravating/Mitigating Factors

The following are required considerations in determining the proper amount of discipline that shall result from the offenses prohibited above:


  • No first offense may result in the imposition of a baseline fine in excess of 10%of a player’s Salary Cap Count for the game
  • Incidental Conduct: reduction of up to 20%


  • Egregious Conduct: increase of up to 20%
  • Intentional Foul: increase of up to 5%
  • Third offense or more in the same league year: Fine in the amount of Player’s Salary Cap Count for that game or greater
  • Any offense with an “*”: Player no longer “re-sets” at the conclusion of the season (i.e., these violations will be considered in determining the level of accountability measures imposed for subsequent violations even if they occur in subsequent League Years). All other offenses reset at the end of the season.

Furthermore, any fine imposed for a first offense will be collected in full however, 25% of that fine amount will be held in abeyance until the end of the season and returned if: (i) player participates in remedial training regarding the conduct at issue and (ii) does not receive a second fine for on-field conduct in the same league year.

The criteria for suspension remains the same.

Hearing officers may not deviate from the above schedule. In other words, if the hearing officer determines no violation has occurred, he or she may rescind the fine in its entirety. If the hearing officer determines that a violation has occurred, he or she must also determine
whether aggravating or mitigating factors are present and will be bound by the upward or downward deviations outlined above.

Practice Squad Players. A player who is fined for a violation occurring during a preseason game, who is on a Practice Squad at the start of the NFL regular season, will have his fine reduced by 75%. Fines assessed during the preseason will not be collected until the start of the NFL regular season.