NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Appendix N
Actuarial Assumptions and Actuarial Cost Method

Mortality rates:IRC §430 Mortality with Blue Collar adjustment
Disability mortality before age 65:IRC §430 Mortality with Blue Collar adjustment
Mortality rates (Beneficiaries and Separate Interest Alternate Payees):IRC §430 Mortality without adjustments
Disability Rates before retirement (for Benefit Commencement only):
Sample Rates
Withdrawal rates:
For players w/service of:Rate
1 year29.10%
2 years14.60%
3 years16.30%
4 years18.30%
5 years17.90%
6 years18.20%
7 years23.30%
8 years24.40%
9 years29.60%
10 years28.60%
11-12 years35.40%
13-14 years39.40%
15-16 years40.00%
17-19 years60.00%
20 years100.00%
Election of early payment benefit:10% of all eligible players elect an EPB at commencement
of benefits
Retirement age (Non-Disabled):
Player with Pre-93 SeasonPlayer without Pre-93 Season
Retirement age (Disabled):All ages: 55
Optional Payment Form:
Payment FormRate
Single Life Annuity50%
100% Joint-and-Survivor20%
50% Joint-and-Survivor20%
75% Joint-and-Survivor10%
Percent married:100%
Age of Player’s spouse:Three years younger than player
Remarriage and mortality rates for widows benefit:None
Net investment return:7.25%
Administration expenses:Actual for prior year
Valuation date:First day of Plan Year
Actuarial value of assets:Five-year asset smoothing method
Funding method:Unit credit cost method

Amortization period: The Plan’s net change in unfunded actuarial accrued liability during the preceding Plan Year will be amortized in level amounts over 7 years, beginning with the contribution for the 2020 Plan Year. Notwithstanding the above, the change in liability attributable to a plan amendment adopted during the 2020 Plan Year will be amortized over 11 years. In each Plan Year after the 2020 Plan Year, the change in liability attributable to a plan amendment will be amortized over 7 years (unless the number of years is otherwise agreed upon by the Parties). In no event shall the contribution for a year exceed an amount which is expected to produce a negative unfunded actuarial liability at the end of the plan year; nor shall the contribution be less than the minimum required under ERISA.

Additional Contributions: At its discretion, the League may make a contribution to the Pension Plan on behalf of each NFL Club for any Plan Year that is in addition to the minimum contribution amount for such Plan Year set forth above.

Deferral of Contributions: At its discretion, the League may defer some or all of the contributions for any Plan Year during the term of this Agreement, with interest at the rate specified in this Appendix, with such contribution (including interest) to be made and counted as a Player Cost in a future Plan Year occurring during the term of this Agreement and that is agreed to by the Parties.

Special Contribution: In addition to the contribution required under Article 53, Section 2, the League shall make a special contribution on behalf of each NFL Club for each Plan Year at the minimum amount necessary, if any, to allow the Plan to certify under Internal Revenue Code Section 432(b)(5)(A) that it will not be in endangered status at the end of the 10th Plan Year following the Plan Year for which the certification is made.