Chiefs Release LB Anthony Hitchens

The Chiefs announced that they have released linebacker Anthony Hitchens today. Hitchens was set to count for $12.66 million on the Chiefs salary cap in 2022. He will now count for $4.22 million in dead money, opening up $8.44 million in cap space for the team.

Hitchens signed a five year, $45 million contract with the Chiefs back in 2018 during free agency. The contract was surprising at the time given his role as a part time player and helped push a stagnant linebacker market forward.  Hitchens wound up completing four years of the contract which would be considered a success for both he and the Chiefs as many free agents would not last that long. Hitchens playing time over the last two years had settled down back into the mid 50% range which combined with the teams recent draft selections made him expendable.

We now estimate the Chiefs to have about $11.2 million in cap space following Hitchens’ release.