Valuing Player for Draft Pick Trades

In this week’s podcast I mentioned putting a video together looking at how to value trades for veteran players taking into account the contract values of the veteran and draft picks plus the expected performance levels of the players, so here we go using a potential Aaron Rodgers trade as an example. I didn’t realize that a side of the screen got sliced off when doing a quick edit but I think it should be ok to avoid having to re-upload it.

Crafting a “Poison Pill” Type Contract Offer For Lamar Jackson

I thought I would have a little fun with making up a strategy that would maybe allow a team to make a contract offer to Ravens QB Lamar Jackson that the Ravens would have a difficult time matching despite a low salary cap hit this year. The NFL has all kinds of rules about franchise tag offers and what can and can not be included so who knows they may have some hidden line in the CBA that doesn’t allow this or an interpretation of the contract that would not allow it but I figure it’s a fun exercise anyway.