OTC Video: Breaking Down the Marshon Lattimore Extension

With the numbers out on the Lattimiore contract, I wanted to put together a video looking at how the deal stacks up with the top corners in the league, how the guarantee structure stands out, and a look at how the salary cap will play out on the contract.

OTC Video: Breaking Down the Jamal Adams Contract Extension

In this weeks video I take a deep dive into Jamal Adams record setting $70 million contract extension. I’ll discuss the cash breakdowns of the contract, potential escape points, the pros and cons of the guarantee structure and how the contract compares with a few of the bigger deals in the NFL.

OTC Video: A Close Look at the Jonathan Allen Extension

This week I take a closer look at the recent $72 million contract extension between Jonathan Allen and the Washington Football Team. In the video I’ll take a look at where he ranks statistically among the top paid DTs and how his contract stacks up with others in the market.

OTC Video: The Jets, Zach Wilson, and Salary Offsets

Decided to do another video this time ranting about the Jets while explaining a bit about salary offsets in a rookie contract and the likelihood of it really making a difference.

Video: Valuing the Fred Warner Contract

Recently I have been getting more and more questions on valuing and evaluating contracts and decided to try to answer that in a video this week by using the recent $19 million contract of Fred Warner and comparing it to some of the other contracts in the NFL.

Video Presentation: Caponomics 101- Salary Cap Basics


Based on all the questions I typically get on the salary cap I thought about doing a series of presentations under the goofy “Caponomics 101” name, and here we have the first as a general overview of the cap. I have the youtube video embedded in the post but if someone prefers a downloadable copy let me know and Ill see what I can do. Under the Youtube video is a copy of the slide deck if you want a copy of the slides. I have a few ideas for another 1 or 2 of these but if the feedback is good I can do more topics in this format over time explaining some of the analytics I like to fool around with from time to time.

Note: Around the 10:30 mark I said that the upper band is 58.5%. That is wrong. The 48.5% on the slide is correct.

Download Caponomics 101 Slide Deck