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I wanted to update everyone on where we are right now with all of the roster changes and the cap space. The big news is that I made the switch to full roster accounting so when you click on the cap space page or look at the cap space figures on the team pages it is our estimates for the full roster. In season accounting means that every player on the roster counts towards the salary cap not just the top 51 players. Remember that cap space, much like in free agency, is very fluid right now and teams still have a few days to comply. So when you see a team listed as “over the cap” it most likely means that a contract modification has been made that we are unaware of or do not have the details on just yet, such as the Saints recent extension with Max Unger.  Continue reading Recent Site Updates »

OTC Internship Opportunities

It is with great excitement that is rapidly growing. I’ve spoken about this on my podcast a few times, but want to officially announce that I am looking for a few interns to do some work for OTC. Continue reading OTC Internship Opportunities »

Tulane’s Football Negotiation Competition Recap

I wanted to take some time today to share a bit about my experience two weeks ago acting as one of the judges for Tulane’s Pro Football Negotiation Competition and help bring some more awareness to the competition, which they are hoping to grow even bigger in the future. For those unaware, Tulane’s Sports Law program has been one of the most prominent programs in jumpstarting the careers of sports front office hopefuls and this competition is just one of the ways that they are furthering that reputation by being the first to focus on football specific competition. It is something that all sports law students should consider in the future to compete in.

Continue reading Tulane’s Football Negotiation Competition Recap »

Introducing the OTC Salary Cap Transaction Table

With many of our favorite teams out of the playoff chase and fully in preparation for 2016 free agency obviously the salary cap becomes a big topic of conversation for many teams. While we have our team calculators to help manage the entire roster and also pair with fanspeak to help run a free agency simulator, we thought having a reference table for all players under contract who have cap charges in excess of $4 million would be a huge help when discussing moves that involve one specific player and laying out most options for a specific contract. So Nick was able to put this together to help everyone out in the prep for free agency.

So how do you read the tables? Let me break it down. Continue reading Introducing the OTC Salary Cap Transaction Table »

Reminder Twitter Q&A Tonight 8:30ish EST

Just wanted to put out a quick reminder that Ill be online starting sometime between 8:30 and 9:00 (depending on when the wonderful kids are asleep for good) to do NFL Q&A on Twitter, generally discussing contracts and free agency. Last year I did this in the weeks leading up to free agency and people seemed to enjoy it so I’ll answer questions as long as they keep coming or the game ends for the night, whichever comes first. Last week this ended up going on for about 3 hours. I don’t expect anywhere near the same interest this week (I think many people got their main questions out of the way last week) , but if you had any specifics feel free to ask me on Twitter.

If you dont follow me already you can follow me @Jason_OTC or just tweet to that address any questions. I’ll do my best to answer any questions I get but it may take some time if I get bombarded with questions. I’ll retweet the questions with the answer so it goes out on my timeline. Feel free to leave any questions ahead of time in the comments here that might require a little more research or that you would like answered if you can’t be online. Please leave your Twitter handle if you wont be online so I can tweet an answer back directly. I plan on doing the Q&A every Thursday so there is plenty of time before free agency to ask whatever may be on your mind.

In the meantime in the shameless plug department take a look at my picks for the top 10 contracts that are going to give teams salary cap headaches in 2016 over at SN because of the contract structure.

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Introducing OTC’s Texture Page For 2015

As I explained before in this article, and used 2014 as an introductory example, I’m interested in exploring the concept of texture to gain a better understanding how what goes into building an NFL roster.  I have now created a page that will programmatically display the texture of each team as it stands in real time.  In the future, I hope to add tabs for team textures of previous years.  Since the 2015 regular season is hours away from beginning, I used today as a deadline to get this page live so that we could get a glimpse of what teams look like right now before the attrition of the season comes upon us.

Here is a direct link to the texture page, and you may also find the same link in the Featured Content box on the sidebar.  Beyond the fold, you can find interesting texture facts to get you started, one for each team, grouped by division.

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Internship Opportunity for Those Pursuing Career in Salary Cap/Contracts

OTC has a very strong following among people who currently work in the NFL and those hoping to pursue careers in the NFL, and I think this should be of interest to those readers. We have an internship opportunity to offer this year where you will get to work with a sports agent and get some very hands on experience working with the salary cap and NFL contracts. Continue reading Internship Opportunity for Those Pursuing Career in Salary Cap/Contracts »