An Offseason Guide to OTC: Cap Space

This is the time of year where I get multiple questions via email, twitter, facebook, and so on about various items related to free agency and the salary cap. Many of the answers are right on the website so I thought it might be a good idea to put up small posts each day detailing some of the features on OTC and where to find them and why you should bookmark them. Today we’ll start with salary cap space. Continue reading An Offseason Guide to OTC: Cap Space »

Tulane’s 3rd Annual Football Negotiation Competition Recap

This past weekend I spent some time down at Tulane to work with them as a presenter and judge for their 3rd annual Pro Football Negotiation Competition and wanted to share more about it. If you are a current law student thinking about a career in sports or will be a law student that may want to pursue a career I highly recommend seeing how to participate in the competition next year. It is a great opportunity not just for the mock negotiations but to network with other students and interact with judges from around the NFL. Continue reading Tulane’s 3rd Annual Football Negotiation Competition Recap »

Crunching Numbers: An In Depth Look at the NFL Salary Cap

When I started OverTheCap back in 2013, one of my main objectives was to explain the NFL salary cap and player contract nuances in a way that had not really been touched on before. At the time, there were a lot of amateur salary cap guys (like myself) writing about their favorite teams, such as Ian Whetstone following the Pittsburgh Steelers, Miguel Benzan’s terrific work on the New England Patriots, Brian McFarland covering the Baltimore Ravens, Bryce Johnston looking at the Philadelphia Eagles, Brian McIntyre with his blog before moving on to bigger things, and the many others who tackled these issues and helped better the knowledge of bloggers and media through the years. I wanted to bring that to a wider audience.

To further that goal of reaching out to a wider audience, I collaborated with my good friend, Vijay Natarajan to co-author a book called Crunching Numbers: An Inside Look at the Salary Cap and Negotiating Player Contracts. Crunching Numbers is a twenty-three chapter, 300-page book devoted to explaining the ins and outs of the salary cap, the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), and various issues concerning player contracts. We are confident that this would fill a major void that has existed for far too long in football coverage – understanding the NFL’s most unique accounting system. Continue reading Crunching Numbers: An In Depth Look at the NFL Salary Cap »

All About 2017’s Tulane Pro Football Negotiation Competition

Last year I was fortunate enough to be selected to judge at Tulane’s NFL mock contract negotiation competition and came away very impressed with the students who organized the event as well as the tremendous group of law students who competed last year. They have recently finalized this year’s competition dates and schools are now able to register for the competition. This past week I was able to do a Q&A with Tate Martin, who has the responsibility of running this year’s competition, to help explain the ins and outs of the competition. I strongly encourage any law students serious about pursuing a career in the NFL to read this and reach out to Tate to learn more about the competition. Hopefully I’ll be attending again this year and get to meet many of you again in person. Continue reading All About 2017’s Tulane Pro Football Negotiation Competition »

Recent Site Updates

I wanted to update everyone on where we are right now with all of the roster changes and the cap space. The big news is that I made the switch to full roster accounting so when you click on the cap space page or look at the cap space figures on the team pages it is our estimates for the full roster. In season accounting means that every player on the roster counts towards the salary cap not just the top 51 players. Remember that cap space, much like in free agency, is very fluid right now and teams still have a few days to comply. So when you see a team listed as “over the cap” it most likely means that a contract modification has been made that we are unaware of or do not have the details on just yet, such as the Saints recent extension with Max Unger.  Continue reading Recent Site Updates »

Tulane’s Football Negotiation Competition Recap

I wanted to take some time today to share a bit about my experience two weeks ago acting as one of the judges for Tulane’s Pro Football Negotiation Competition and help bring some more awareness to the competition, which they are hoping to grow even bigger in the future. For those unaware, Tulane’s Sports Law program has been one of the most prominent programs in jumpstarting the careers of sports front office hopefuls and this competition is just one of the ways that they are furthering that reputation by being the first to focus on football specific competition. It is something that all sports law students should consider in the future to compete in.

Continue reading Tulane’s Football Negotiation Competition Recap »