Chargers Release Donald Butler

The cuts continue to roll in as the Chargers have released linebacker Donald Butler. This was an expected move as Butler was set to count for nearly $9.3 million against the cap and had more or less been relegated to the bench. Butler was just two years into a big $1.8 million contract that he signed in 2014 that was one of the more unique contracts in the NFL. Butler’s contract was truly a contract within a contract that called for earning $19.8 million over the first three years of the contract with the Chargers then having an option to kick in another four years at $32 million. As things turned out he didn’t even make it through the initial contract phase. Continue reading Chargers Release Donald Butler »

Giants Cut Beatty, Beason and Schwartz

According to multiple news outlets the Giants will be releasing linemen Will Beatty and Geoff Scwartz and linebacker Jon Beason today. All three dealt with injuries last season.  The moves, which were not really unexpected, will save the Giants $11.575 million on the cap and bring their expected cap room somewhere between $52 and $55 million for the year. That will rank in the top 5 in the NFL. No word yet on Victor Cruz who is the other likely release.  Continue reading Giants Cut Beatty, Beason and Schwartz »

NFL Cutdown Day 2015 Part II: Salary Cap Considerations

With the second round of cuts occuring as teams trim their rosters to 53 players I’ll create another thread to discuss any notable releases. So check back often as Ill update whenever a name player or two is released with some quick thoughts on the salary cap implications of the release. Continue reading NFL Cutdown Day 2015 Part II: Salary Cap Considerations »

NFL Cutdown Day 2015 Part I: Salary Cap Considerations

Its not often that the first cutdown day in the NFL brings with it much news, but over the last 24 hours there have been a few moves with cap implications and there may be more to come as teams need to reach 75 players by Tuesday at 4PM. I’ll keep this as a running thread for updates on some of the name players that are moving on from their teams over the next day so to discuss the cap implications so check back every now and then for updates. Continue reading NFL Cutdown Day 2015 Part I: Salary Cap Considerations »

Bears to Release Tim Jennings

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter the Bears are going to release veteran cornerback Tim Jennings in the first suprise, big name release of the preseason. It is a somewhat surprising move because Jennings had his entire $4.4 million base salary guaranteed for the year and the Bears will be on the hook for that money once they cut him. His guarantees do have offsets, meaning the Bears obligation will be reduced by the amount he is paid by another team, but most likely that amount will be for the minimum.  Continue reading Bears to Release Tim Jennings »

Colts Release Gosder Cherilus

The Colts have announced the release of right tackle Gosder Cherilus. Cherilus had signed a $35 million contract in 2013 that made him the highest priced right tackle in the NFL. It was a bit of a head scratching move at the time and given the fact that they released him just two years later likely indicates that they regretted the decision. Because the release occurs after June 1, the $8.7 million in dead money in his contract will split across the 2015 and 2016 seasons with $2.9 million counting in 2015.  Continue reading Colts Release Gosder Cherilus »

Falcons Cut Sam Baker

The Atlanta Falcons corrected one of their biggest contract mistakes today when they released veteran tackle Sam Baker from his six year, $41.1 million contract. Since signing the contract Baker played in only four games, earning $18.25 million while being ineffective in whatever playing time he received and spending most of the time on IR. Baker had been set to count for $7.3 million against the salary cap and the team will create $4.5 million in cap space by cutting him. The Falcons will carry a $6.4 million charge for Baker in 2016, due to excessive bonuses paid to Baker in 2013 and 2014. Continue reading Falcons Cut Sam Baker »