Valuing the NFL Draft Picks

So every year around draft time I usually like to try to take some different looks at draft values. The best received one was using the PFR AV scores for rookies as a baseline to compare against veterans and then translating that to a salary expectation. This would be a rolling scale since each year the draft changes its salary. Rather than rehashing the same stuff this time around I wanted to go with a “wisdom of the crowds” system by letting the actual NFL contract negotiators past decisions set our new values for the draft. Continue reading Valuing the NFL Draft Picks »

Additional Thoughts on Bears and 49ers Trade

Peter King had a really good article today about the trade between the 49ers and Bears, how it went down, and some really interesting tidbits on it. This trade has caused a great deal of debate. Some saying it was a big price to pay (in terms of value I think SF got a ton but high picks have always been overvalued) and others saying it wasn’t much. I’m in the camp that likes the concept of what the Bears did in taking a QB since I firmly believe that until you have one you know is great you should keep picking. But there still are some questions and in reading King’s article I had some added thoughts I wanted to share. Continue reading Additional Thoughts on Bears and 49ers Trade »