Jason Witten to Retire

Edit: After publishing this I had a league source reach out to me to clarify that this is a unique situation and that there should be no dead money for Witten due to the structure of the bonus payment. We will officially know the answer after he is placed on the retirement list but Dallas should get a full credit in 2018 on the cap.

Cowboys star tight end Jason Witten is apparently going to retire from the NFL and head to ESPN to work as a lead announcer on Monday Night Football, a position that was rumored to be headed to another tight end, Greg Olsen, a few days ago before Olsen received a new contract from the Panthers. I had a few questions on Twitter about Witten’s contract so I wanted to share my opinions on what will happen now. Continue reading Jason Witten to Retire »

Steelers Restructure Antonio Brown’s Contract

Per multiple reports the Steelers have restructured the contract of wide receiver Antonio Brown to help with their salary cap situation in 2018. Assuming that the Steelers converted all but $915,000 of his $13.875 million salary to a signing bonus the team should free up $9.72 million in cap space. The move will increase Brown’s salary cap charges in the remaining three years of his contract by $3.4 million to $22.17M (2019), $18.34M(2020), and $19.54M(2021).

Though Brown was never going anywhere anyway the restructure should virtually guarantee Brown’s 2019 roster status and increases the odds of his 2020 status as well. The move increases his dead money next year from $11.4M to $21.12M and $7.6M to $14.08M in 2020.  As long as my estimate is correct on the bonus restructure the Steelers will have paid Brown $31.96 million in signing bonus money over the last two years. Those massive bonuses go a long way towards guaranteeing roster status even when salaries are not truly guaranteed.

The Steelers needed the cap space after applying a $14.5M franchise tag to running back Le’Veon Bell. It is unlikely given the tag number that the two sides will be able to agree to a contract anytime soon. The Steelers, per our estimates, should be about $1 million under the salary cap following the Brown restructure.

Jets to Cut Muhammad Wilkerson

Less than two years after making Muhammad Wilkerson the highest paid 34 defensive end in the NFL, the Jets are moving in a different direction. According to multiple outlets the Jets have informed Wilkerson that he will be released from his contract after completing just two years of a five year, $86 million mega contract signed in the summer of 2016. The move will create $11 million in cap room while leaving the Jets with $9 million in dead money from his $15 million signing bonus. Once the release is made official the Jets should have slightly over $90 million in cap room, which will be second in the NFL to only the Cleveland Browns. Continue reading Jets to Cut Muhammad Wilkerson »

Bears to Cut Mike Glennon

In the news that should surprise nobody department, Bears general manager Ryan Pace has announced that the Bears will cut Mike Glennon at the start of the new league year. Glennon signed a three year, $45 million contract last year which was largely considered one of the worst signings of 2017 before he even took the field. It was a contract that looked even worse when the Bears drafted Mitchell Trubisky just a short time later. Glennon started just four games before being pulled last season and carried a $14 million cap hit. Continue reading Bears to Cut Mike Glennon »