The NFL Coaches Who Should be Fired

With Black Monday around the corner and rumors of firings pretty rampant I thought I would look pretty quickly at the teams whose coaches potentially deserve to get fired. How am I going to do that?  Simply by looking at payroll and estimating what teams should have expected to win based on their spending. If an average team should win 8 games then added dollars should increase minimum expectations and it, in theory, is up to the coach to deliver that much and more.  Continue reading The NFL Coaches Who Should be Fired »

Salary Cap Flexibility

The other day I looked at the teams with the worst salary cap situations which of course brought up a lot of comments on how certain teams can create a ton of cap space through cuts. While projecting cuts to that level is close to impossible we can certainly see what the maximum cap space every team can create via cutting players. So let’s look at the teams with the most and least cap flexibility in 2018. Continue reading Salary Cap Flexibility »

The Worst Salary Cap Situations

Though salary cap space will be at a record high in 2018, there are still more than a few teams that have to navigate some difficult salary cap situations and I wanted to share my thoughts on the teams that I feel are in the worst salary cap shape moving forward. This is not to say that these teams have the least cap space in the NFL just that they have limited cap room and some tough decisions moving forward that can really compromise their financial stability. Teams like the Steelers and Eagles, both of whom project to have the least cap space in the NFL, simply don’t have those decisions since their rosters are more or less set and are successful.   Continue reading The Worst Salary Cap Situations »

Jets Bench Muhammad Wilkerson

There were a lot of things that were supposed to be bad about the Jets season and to their credit they were able to make the most out of what looked like a bad situation, but the one issue that still remains is the relationship with star defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson. Wilkerson signed a monstrous $17.2 million per year contract just last year and was expected to be the leader of the defense if not the team. Things have gotten so bad that Wilkerson has more or less been suspended by the team for the game against the Saints after he missed another team meeting. Continue reading Jets Bench Muhammad Wilkerson »

Introducing the Contract Utilization Index

I wanted to introduce a new feature at OTC which well be looking to make live in the future called the contract utilization index.  The CUI is a simple metric that looks at playing time for a player and uses that playing time to adjust a player’s annual contract value accordingly. While this doesn’t necessarily tell us about the players level of play it does identify if the teams most expensive players are seeing the field or if there are a lot of wasted dollars on the bench. Basically it helps see if teams are getting good or poor basic returns on their investment. Continue reading Introducing the Contract Utilization Index »

Questions and Answers on Kam Chancellors Contract

The question I seem to be getting over and over these days is regarding Kam Chancellor of the Seahawks and his status going forward. Rather than just emailing or tweeting back I thought it made more sense to do a post on the subject that I can refer everyone too from now on. So lets do a quick Q&A on Chancellor’s contract. As always these answers are based on my interpretations of the CBA and the way I have seen other similar situations play out.  Continue reading Questions and Answers on Kam Chancellors Contract »

Why Are the 49ers Hesitant to play Garoppolo

Had an email question yesterday regarding Jimmy Garoppolo and what the 49ers are doing. This question came before the 49ers were forced to bring him in for two or three plays late on Sunday due to injury. I had a few comments on Twitter about this a few weeks back when they made the statement that they might not play him and I think my feelings remain unchanged since then. Continue reading Why Are the 49ers Hesitant to play Garoppolo »