Bills and Jaguars Agree on Trade for Marcell Dareus

The Bills front office continues to impress with their attempts to fix a broken salary cap with a trade of Marcell Dareus to the Jacksonville Jaguars. I almost thought it would be impossible to trade Dareus since he is more or less non-existent as a player and plays on a pretty high priced contract, even considering all the money that the Bills already paid to him. Continue reading Bills and Jaguars Agree on Trade for Marcell Dareus »

Week 6: Running Back Valuations

Last week I looked at the value of QB play in the NFL and this week I turned my attention to running backs. My valuation process was pretty similar. Players are awarded salary values are based on total net output both rushing and receiving, how that output compared to the average output, snaps played, and team record.  Values are essentially based on the current market prices and what teams are willing to pay for the position. By value again I am talking APY as that is the easiest and most sticky way of dealing with an accepted value for a player. If you don’t play or have minimal impact the value for that player is about $580,000, which is slightly above the salary of a second year player. So let’s see how things shake out. Continue reading Week 6: Running Back Valuations »

Big Spenders in 2017

With the season taking shape now I figured it would be a good time to look back at what teams spent in 2017 to see if they are getting the expected return or not. To qualify as a new expense in spending a player must have signed a new contract in 2017, have the contract be worth at least $775,000 for the year,  not be a 2017 draft pick, and not be on a one year restricted free agent tender.  So how did the teams fare so far? Continue reading Big Spenders in 2017 »

Kaepernick Files Grievance Against the NFL

The news came out yesterday, initially from Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, that Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance against the NFL claiming collusion to keep him out of the NFL.  Mike Florio of PFT took it a step further and indicated that Kaepernick’s end game is to invalidate the CBA. Since we talk about things like this on OTC I thought it would be worth diving into the CBA and adding my two cents on the topic. Continue reading Kaepernick Files Grievance Against the NFL »

The Costs of Trading NaVorro Bowman

Edit: So a few minutes after posting this the 49ers released NaVorro Bowman. Bowman’s salary for the year is protected but if he requested the release maybe there is some waiver in there regarding his ability to collect on his $4.7 million guarantee or his termination pay rights. My guess is there is not and the only money the 49ers save this year is $515,625 in bonus money that did not currently count on the cap but would have been earned weekly from here on out, plus any offset on the $2.3M remaining salary guarantee. The 49ers did pay him a bonus this year but considering he was cut and not quitting they wont have the right to recover on that. His dead money for next season will be the amount referenced below at $4.774 million. If I hear otherwise about his dead money this year Ill fix it but for now I would assume the 49ers are on the hook for his entire $6.75 million salary and will get some credits next year if he doesnt invoke his termination pay rights and/or has some salary offset when he signs with someone else for the balance of the year.

The rumor mill was circulating today that the 49ers are looking to trade linebacker NaVorro Bowman and that has led to a number of contract questions so let’s try to answer them here.

Bowman has one of the more complicated contracts in Continue reading The Costs of Trading NaVorro Bowman »