Response to Mike Tanier’s Anti-Moneyball Article

No disrespect to Mr. Tanier, but his article titled, “NFL Moneyball is Hurting the Browns, Jets, Bills and Competitive Balance,” uses the same tone he uses with his Twitter politics and it’s created not only an inaccurate article, but an annoyingly inaccurate article that will confuse the many people who read that article to what Moneyball actually is, which compelled me to respond to it.

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The Wolf Of Broad Street: The 3 Quarterback Strategy and Asset Trading

Last November, I spoke to a contact with the Eagles regarding the potential for a three quarterback strategy; up to that point in the season, it was clear to me that Sam Bradford was not someone they wanted to rely on as their quarterback of the future without another long-term option. It was a strategy I saw the 1989 Dallas Cowboys use when they selected Troy Aikman first overall in the draft and Steve Walsh in the first round of the supplemental draft. Rather than bet on one quarterback, they decreased the chance of being without a competent starter by acquiring two high potential guys.

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“What We Talkin’ About”: Process, Quality, and Percentages

This is the final draft of the first chapter of Caponomics: Moneyball Thinking for the NFL. We’re sending it out to publishers this week, but a) I’d love to share it with the Over The Cap audience as I’ve been unable to post much since March as I’ve been in the process of re-writing my first draft of Caponomics and b) I figured this would be an avenue to reach publishers I don’t have access to.

After about 16 months of researching the salary caps of Super Bowl champions, this chapter is an introduction to a book that is (my best attempt at) the process or the blueprint for how to build a successful NFL franchise. 

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Another Trademark Patriots Offseason

I’ve already explained how much sense the Chris Hogan move made from the Patriots perspective as he’s the perfect kind of undervalued player with potential that the Patriots have always been able to find under Bill Belichick. But yesterday, March 15th, was an absolutely quintessential Patriots day as they traded defensive end Chandler Jones to the Cardinals for guard Jonathan Cooper and the Cardinals second round pick, then signed 31-year old veteran defensive end Chris Long to a one-year contract. Jones is not an easy player to trade away after the best season of his career in 2015 with 12 ½ sacks, but there are multiple important reasons why the Patriots made this deal.

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Explaining My Beliefs Regarding QB Contracts

Some may think that I’m crazy for believing quarterbacks, especially ones like Kirk Cousins, Brock Osweiler and Sam Bradford, should try to get contracts that pay them handsomely, but are also team friendly. Many believe they should try to get everything they can, rather than settle for reasonable deals with their current teams.

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AFC Championship Caponomics Notes

I started writing these on Friday night to start preparing for the offseason and I thought you guys would enjoy some of the comparisons. Coming within the next day or two will be the NFC Championship team notes and then further explanations of the data will be coming moving forward. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll address them in the next podcast. I’ll also be discussing the four teams in a podcast this week using all these notes, so stay tuned for that as I’ll be able to explain this further.

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The Zack Moore Show Episode #1

Whew. Finally, the NFL regular season is over and I can stop taking notes and start sharing those notes. This season, around Week 4, I realized that there’s no point in me writing week to week articles or podcasts when my main focus is on trying to figure out how a Super Bowl champion is created and how Super Bowls are won. So with that in mind I just kept piling up the notes and ideas all season.

In October, I went to the Red River Shootout with my father and sister because she’s a student at the University of Texas, I saw West Virginia at Baylor the next week before flying back to New Jersey. I then decided to drive back down there for the month of November to stay with my roommate from URI and see a different game every weekend. I saw Kansas at Texas, Oklahoma at Baylor, Baylor at Oklahoma State, and Baylor at TCU during my time there, while also exploring Jerry World before the Thanksgiving game with some cheap standing room only tickets. I had a lot of fun driving each weekend to see these games and experience each stadium, but I also got a perspective on Big 12 football that has added to my understanding of the game.

After finishing the rough draft of Caponomics this summer, I think I needed some time off from writing long-form and some time to process what I had just written. I knew I needed to watch the game more closely than I’ve ever been able to in the past with my own football playing responsibilities, along with school up through fall 2014. The whole process of what I did this season has really prepared me for a better offseason this year and I look forward to sharing all the stuff I’ve been working on, getting some questions from you guys and continuing to improve on this podcast every week. This podcast will allow me to share a lot more information than I ever could have just writing, it’ll help me clear the clutter out of my head with all the things I want to share and it’ll help me focus in for some of the longer articles that I will be writing this year.
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