Cap Set to Jump to $130M- New Franchise and RFA Tender Estimates


As I am sure everyone is aware the NFL Salary cap is now set to jump from $123 million to $130 million an increase of just under 5.7%. With that in mind I wanted to update some estimates as to franchise tag values and restricted free agent tenders, both of which are based on the salary cap limit in place.

Franchise Tag Projectons:

QB $16,675,000
RB $9,366,000
WR $11,940,000
TE $6,999,000
OL $11,528,000
DE $12,969,000
DT $9,470,000
LB $11,322,000
CB $11,631,000
S $8,337,000
P/K $3,500,000

RFA Tender Projections

1stRd $3,043,000
2ndRd $2,138,000
ROFR/OR/PPE $1,398,000