Can Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas and Others Expect Monster Contracts in 2015? Maybe Not….


In this week’s piece for the Sporting News I look at the lack of value teams are getting from elite veteran wide receiver contracts and how it could make many teams think twice before handing out huge player friendly contracts to the tremendous free agent class of wide receivers looking for new deals.

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  • If I write up the Steelers best/worst contracts piece next off-season, Antonio Brown’s deal has probably become a no-brainer for the best.

    • Jim

      Steelers definitely knew what they were doing when the signed Brown to a long term deal and let Mike Wallace walk for (a lot) more money.

    • Its one of those weird ones because they stuck their necks out a bit when they signed him but yeah hes pretty much the best bargain in the NFL at the position now that Jordy Nelson is earning a bit more. Whats crazy is had Brown gotten the same media hype as a guy like Harvin he would have made silly money. Harvin is like the greatest media contract creation of recent times and all it took was one team to take the bait.

  • jon

    can you do an article on the maclin contract situation?

  • Jim

    You say that the Cardinals will ask Fitzgerald to take a paycut this offseason, it doesn’t hurt to ask… but they really have little leverage, with $14m dead money hit if Larry refuses and the Cardinals cut him.

    I would have to think Bowe will be cut outright after the season. With $11m due in salary/workout bonus due next season after (what will be) 4 straight years of declining production. No one would trade for that contract at his age. They’re near the cap in 2015 as it is, and they’ve got Justin Houston to resign and Eric Berry to extend.

    • I think both sides are in a spot to negotiate. Because of that huge dead money number the Cardinals can reasonably overpay him to some extent. Basically as long as they offer him a paycut that would be more than someone would pay him on the open market it would be beneficial for Fitzgerald even if he would have to say he was “taking a cut”. I cant imagine anyone paying him close to what hell earn in Arizona if they kept him

  • Kirk Vollmer

    I think the question is if teams have caught on to the fact that the true value of a WR may be lower then some are currently being paid. It certainly feels like they caught onto that fact with the RB position, however if they have caught onto it with WR is a different manner. I will say however that a lot of those guys at the top where clear mistakes. Fitzgerald . . . giving him big money well into his 30’s. . . Wallace. . . He never produced anything close to what his contract was worth, Dolphins where locked onto him, desperate and where willing to give him nearly anything. . . Percy Harvin. . . Always hurt, not really a WR, doesn’t really fit well anywhere. Way overrated as a player, the only thing scary about him is his speed and speed is overrated especially when it’s not combined with any other admirable qualities. Dwayne Bowe again a huge contract well into his 30’s. Even though Vincent Jackson and Calvin Johnson have produced I still think it’s a mistake to give them such large contracts that have pro-rated bonuses that extend well past the point that the player is 30 years old. To me this is more of a case of bad top end contracts. Greg Jennings the same way, he’s 30 years old and has always played with a top NFL QB either Farve or Rodgers and you are giving him big money and bringing him onto a team with no good QB’s. Huge mistake.

    • I was real negative on Wallace and Harvin when both of those moves were made (I think I was considered the devil by Seattle fans at the time), but I thought Bowe would bounce back with better QB play and I was dead wrong. I always think that many WR’s fit more of the basketball mold with somewhat of a me first attitude and less than stellar work ethic when they are just naturally gifted and get by with that. I think thats a big reason why in the past the bust rates out of college were so high as the combo of the taste of money with need to work much harder and learn a pro system caused guys to just bail. I think the same happens after free agency too often especially if guys have to work after losing a step. When Santonio Holmes got his new deal with the Jets and did a photo shoot with no shirt while popping a bottle of champagne I knew it was over for him.

      RB saw a clear adjustment and so did corners for the one year. While the big 3 got big deals this year in terms of player friendly deals only Haden really scored big in that regard. I could see a similar thing playing out here where the money is big ($14M plus) but there are multple outs for a team with minimal cap implications.

      • Kirk Vollmer

        Another consideration for WR’s is sometimes for some reason they seem to connect better with one QB then another which means switching QB’s and switching teams can be bad for them in the long run. Think of the Cardinals when Drew Stanton had to start the games at the beginning of the season. Larry Fitzgerald didn’t see many targets and everyone said he was done. Carson Palmer comes back and Fitzgerald is producing again. . . maybe not at the level he was with Kurt Warner but he’s producing. In fact Stanton seemed to prefer to throw to Brown. As a Colt’s fan I’m personally curious as to the damage a TY Hilton extension is going to be. I’m afraid they will overpay him because I think he’s slightly overrated. He benefits a lot from good quarterbacking and from playing with a lot of pass catchers who are above average with different abilities so that he can play to his strengths. But I’m afraid his agent is going to be looking for Mike Wallace money and there are probably teams out there that might be willing to give that to him if he walks. I certainly don’t want to see him walk, but I’d rather see him walk then see the Colts fork over QB money to keep him.