Broncos Release Kicker Matt Prater


The Denver Broncos released kicker Matt Prater from his contract before his suspension was set to end next week.

The move looks to be purely a financial one as Prater’s replacement, Brandon McManus, makes just $420,000 this season compared to $2.294 million earned by Prater. With big time players like Demaryius Thomas and Julius Thomas up for contract extensions and kicker not exactly looking like a critical position for the Broncos it made sense to save the money for more critical needs. It is a move, in my opinion, that more teams should consider in the future when making difficult roster decisions and having high priced special teams talent on the roster.

The Broncos will save $2.294 million in cap room in 2014 and $3.25 million in cap room in 2015 with the release. Prater will count for $812,500 against the Broncos salary cap in both 2014 and 2015. Prater should have also triggered just over $191,000 in bonus forfeiture that will be credited to the Broncos salary cap next season.