The Best and Worst Contracts of 2014


With the summer season in full swing its time once again for OTC to give an opinion on the “Best and Worst Contracts” for each team in the NFL. Just like last season the ground rules are that no rookie contracts can be considered unless a team did something out of the ordinary with the rookie contract.  Why is that the case?  Draft salaries are all slotted so we should give no credit (or blame) for a team making a bad draft pick.

It is also important to note that there is a difference between a bad player and a bad contract. Many good players signed what I would call a bad contract when looking at it from a team perspective. Likewise a player who may not be a Pro Bowler can sign a deal that may prove extremely favorable to the team.

I’ll link up all the articles here and I’ll go in draft order so that we start with the Houston Texans and end with the Seattle Seahawks. I’ll also include the players I had as last years best and worst so we can see how many repeats there are. I’ll try to get at least five teams done each week.

OTC’s Best and Worst Contracts of 2014

1. Houston Texans

2. Washington Redskins

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

4. Cleveland Browns

5. Oakland Raiders

6. Atlanta Falcons

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8. Minnesota Vikings

9. Buffalo Bills

10. Detroit Lions

11. Tennessee Titans

12. New York Giants

13. St. Louis Rams

14. Chicago Bears

15. Pittsburgh Steelers

16. Dallas Cowboys

17. Baltimore Ravens

18. New York Jets

19. Miami Dolphins

20. Arizona Cardinals

21. Green Bay Packers

22. Philadelphia Eagles

23. Kansas City Chiefs

24. Cincinnati Bengals

25. San Diego Chargers

26. Indianapolis Colts

27. New Orleans Saints

28. Carolina Panthers

29. New England Patriots

30. San Francisco 49ers

31. Denver Broncos

32. Seattle Seahawks